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My 5 top tips for choosing outfits for your photoshoot

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

It's easy to get overwhelmed with options when you're figuring out how to style yourself and your family for your photoshoot. Make it easier for yourself and have a read of this post before you start raiding those wardrobes! I've made a list of my 5 top tips for choosing outfits that will compliment each other, photograph beautifully and look timeless in your frames for years to come.

Tip 1: Start with one key outfit and work from there.

Maybe you have a gorgeous dress that you feel great in, or you've chosen an outfit for baby that is too cute to swap. Keep this piece of clothing in mind when choosing outfits for the rest of the family and opt for textures and colours which compliment this item. Styling the remaining outfits around this first key piece helps to keep the overall look cohesive.

Tip 2: Choose colours which complement each other.

Start with one or two main colours (usually the ones in your key outfit) and opt for a colour palette that showcases these without overpowering them. Neutrals, pastels and earthy tones are always a safe bet, with the option to throw in a rich, bolder colour such as a mustard yellow, burnt orange or emerald green for interest. Pinterest is great for colour palette inspiration!

Colour palette examples by Sarah Eddon, family photographer in Burscough

Stick to solid colours for most items of clothing with maybe one or two pieces featuring a small, subtle pattern such as a ditsy floral or small polka dot. Too many patterns can take the focus off the main subject of your images - you and your family! It's best to avoid bold patterns, slogans and logos too, as these can be distracting.

Burscough family photographer family photoshoot.

Tip 3: Mix up your textures.

If your key outfit features a chunky knit, think about choosing contrasting textures for other items of clothing, such as a pair of corduroy dungarees, a denim shirt or a satin blouse. Utilising a variety of fabrics adds depth and interest to your styling and layering is especially effective. I love using layering for my maternity shoots in particular - an oversized wool cardigan over a satin slip dress or lace bralette gives a cosy but elegant feel perfect for in-home lifestyle sessions.

Pregnant woman cradles bump during maternity photoshoot with Burscough family photographer Sarah Eddon

Tip 4: Make sure everyone is happy with their outfit.

It's so important for the whole family to feel relaxed and confident in what they're wearing for the shoot. It's no good having your little one in the perfect 'Instaworthy' outfit if they hate it or feel uncomfortable - it will show in the photos, I promise! Better to let them stick on that favourite old pair of comfy jeans and have the chance of a genuine smile.

Comfort is especially key for outdoor photoshoots - bring along some extra layers such as a cardigan or jumper that won't look out of place with your outfit choice, and in colder months a big coat to pop on during any pauses in shooting.

Mother and baby daughter on family photoshoot with Burscough family photographer Sarah Eddon

Tip 5: Ask for a second opinion - use your photographer!

I love styling families for your photoshoots and am always happy to throw in my two pennies' worth when it comes to outfit choices. Send over some snaps of your wardrobe options and combinations for me to look over, or even tell me your budget and let me loose to make shopping suggestions if you're starting from scratch!

I also have a selection of neutral baby outfits and some dresses for mums/mums-to-be available to borrow at no extra cost - just ask and I'll bring them along.

Do you have any other tips to add to my list? Or have you found this post helpful for choosing your own photoshoot outfits? Let me know in the comments!

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