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8 Great Reasons to have your Newborn Photoshoot at Home

(and why I don’t care if your house is a mess!)

If you thought your only option for a newborn photoshoot was a studio-based, hours-long shoot with wraps, props and posing within a strict 7-10 day timeframe, you NEED to read this!

If leaving the house with a newborn and all it entails is putting you off having those fleetingly precious early moments professionally captured, then an in-home newborn lifestyle photoshoot could be just what you’ve been looking for.

a mother touches her newborn daughter on the cheek during an in-home newborn photoshoot with North West photographer

“But my house is a right state!” I hear you say! It honestly and truly DOES NOT MATTER. If you have laundry all over the floor, an overflowing nappy bin, bottles piled up ready for sterilising, breast pads strewn around the house like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs – there is absolutely no judgement from me (I’ve been there!) and your photos will only reflect the whole truth if you want them to – I promise!

And in case you don’t believe that I practice what I preach, here is an impromptu self-portrait from when Isla was 6 months old. No makeup, messy bun and yes those are last night’s PJs with hot chocolate on the neck! But I treasure photos like this over any wrapped, posed photos I took of her as a newborn by a mile.

Now that we have that straight and if you still need persuading, here is a list of my 8 great reasons to have a lifestyle newborn photoshoot at home:

1. No need to pop that scrumptious newborn bubble.

The newborn stage (aka the fourth trimester) can be a real blur of magic, exhaustion and beautiful chaos. Home is a safe space for you and your baby which is just what you need when you’re both figuring out this brand new world together. Relax in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings while I create real, natural images documenting your time together without intruding.

2. Minimise the mental load.

You’re not going anywhere so there’s no need to pack up what feels like everything but the kitchen sink! Everything you could need is already there. Baby needs a feed or a change – just go ahead and I’ll capture those beautiful in-between moments too.

3. Your images will be more meaningful in the long run.

What could be more fitting a backdrop than the home you have worked to create together and welcomed your baby into? Each and every glimpse of your photos over the years to come will bring back authentic memories of those moments and the sentimental value of your photos will only ever grow over time.

new parents sat on bed looking down at their newborn baby boy on yellow bedspread during in-home newborn photoshoot in their North West home.

4. Showcase your space.

You know that beautifully designed nursery you spent maternity leave dreaming up and have barely used yet because your newborn sleeps with you..? It’s the perfect backdrop for an in-home lifestyle newborn photoshoot! Imagine looking back at your album in years to come and being able to pick out those thoroughly thought-out details that made this space so special for you and your baby in their early years. Catching a glimpse of the nursing chair where you spent so many hours nurturing your little one in the corner of a photo is sure to take you right back to those precious moments. The décor will change as they grow and discover new interests but that first space you created for your new bundle will be preserved in your images for all time.

5. Perfect for siblings no matter their personality.

If your older child is excited for photos but has a limited attention span (what toddler doesn’t!?) we can get a few sibling and family shots to start with then they can go and play out of frame if they want to. Or maybe they’d love to involve their new baby with their favourite toys, what a sweet thing to capture. Some toddlers and older children take a little bit of time to warm up to a new face so for these kids we can flip the plan, allowing them time to play in their familiar surroundings while we photograph baby so they can start to interact and get involved in their own time. Letting an older child lead the session a little can help them to feel more comfortable, confident and likely to come out of their shell, making for some heart-warming and genuine moments between siblings.

6. The photos will be treasured by your child.

Imagine for a second (and no longer because it hurts!) that your tiny new baby is all grown up. They’re hanging the beautiful professional prints you had made in their own home. They picture in their mind how it must have felt in that moment, to be held safe by their young parents in the first place they knew as home. They won’t notice that you’re not wearing makeup and your hair is in a messy bun. They won’t care if you’re in last night’s PJs! In fact, it all adds to the story of those early days where they were absolutely everything in the world.

7. Pets get to join in!

They are part of the family after all, why wouldn’t they get involved with the family photos!? Even if your cat has no interest in the new addition and they’d rather chill on the back of the sofa and look the other way, having your furry family members as part of the context of your newborn story is something very special.

pet dog with newborn baby during in-home newborn lifestyle photoshoot in the North West.

8. Timing is fully flexible.

Missed the standard 7-10 day window many newborn photographers advise? Or maybe it just feels too early for you. The beauty of a lifestyle newborn shoot is that the session can be scheduled for whenever feels right for you and your baby. With no unnatural posing and no need to wrap baby or wait for them to fall asleep, my shoots work just as well when baby is a little older.

This little beauty was almost 6 weeks old for her newborn shoot:

6 week old baby girl wearing brown romper and beige headband in moses basket during in-home newborn photoshoot by North West newborn photographer Sarah Eddon

Still thinking studio is the way to go? I totally get that in-home newborn photoshoots are not everyone’s cup of tea and that some parents prefer to visit a neutral setting for their newborn session. Not an issue, I’ve got your back! My cosy home studio space will be opening this Autumn/Winter 2023! I’ll be bringing my usual relaxed, natural feel but in a comfortable home-from-home studio setting. No forced posing, baby-led, neutral tones and natural light. Keep your eyes peeled on my social media for updates or join my mailing list to get all the news directly to your inbox!

What's holding you back from having a professional newborn photoshoot? Have I convinced you that an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session might be the way to go, or are you still feeling a studio-style shoot is the one for you? Let me know in the comments!

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Oct 27, 2023

I love our newborn photos so much. I didn’t have any with my first baby because I’d only seen forced/posed ones and I wasn’t keen on them. Love our natural photos, that also include the whole family.

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